Get a job that pushes
you forward.

Instead of burning VC money on flashy perks,
we created a future-ready employment
deal that puts you first.

It’s called Chapterships.

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Chaptership at Jolt

Working on something meaningful
that delivers progress to the world

A personal mission customized to
your unique expertise and passions

An Employee Success manager who invests
resources in helping YOU grow professionally

A promotion or a radical change of mission
every 24 months - or help finding your next
chapter elsewhere

An unprecedented monetary investment
in making you better at what you do

A challenging meaningful mission, in a place that prefers investing money in YOUR growth, so you’ll be twice as good when you finish your Chapter.
A Job Elsewhere

Beer taps

Pool tables

In-office Yoga classes

Fantasy Football tournaments

Laptop stickers, socks and, wait for
this - bottle openers!

A static unchallenging position, in a place that prefers investing money in childish perks over investing it in your growth.

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