Our Mission

Deliver progress and facilitate growth by connecting learning with work.

Moon Land

As industries continue to change at an ever-faster pace,

companies and teams face the immediate risk of becoming irrelevant.

At Jolt, we help companies and teams stay at the front of market developments.

We believe ongoing development must be integrated with work. These are our adult learning environments.

We believe employees – and their teams – should expect to complete each work chapter significantly better off than when they entered that position.

We believe every person is unique. And with growing and learning opportunities provided on a regular basis, each of us can become exceptional in developing our brand of knowledge and skill sets.

We believe current employment is based on outdated assumptions and a new employment deal has to be crafted. We think the new model for the creative class and the millennial generation will have rapid learning and development built in its core.

We’re committed to research, learn, grow and change rapidly to change work itself – and we’re responsible to share what we learn along the way.

We’re committed to global progress by making access to current knowledge easy and affordable worldwide.