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Chapterships is a new

employment methodology.

• A meaningful mission instead of a stationary position.

• Investment in personal growth instead of toys and perks.

• An Employee Success manager who helps employees evolve.

• An exciting new mission every 24 months.

• Lifetime access to Jolt’s professional network.

Starting your Chapter:

A Tailor-Made Mission

Chapters are 24 months long jobs, in which an individual is required to complete one of four well-defined missions:


• Test something, we haven’t tried

• Build something we’ve tested

• Grow something that works

• Fix something that’s broken

During your Chapter:

Personal Growth

During those 2 years, Chapterns receive access to incredible resources to help them complete their chapter twice as good as they were when they started it.*

It doesn’t matter if you want to work on your entrepreneurial skills, improve your public speaking skills or build your personal brand – our Employee Success Team will invest resources in developing YOU instead of spending it on waffles or yoga classes.

*We spend a whole-lot of money in developing our team instead of in flashy perks

Ending your Chapter:


Like all good things, Chapters end.

When you graduate from a Chapter, you can either start a new Chapter within Jolt – or let us help you find your dream job elsewhere.

After your Chapter:

Alumni Network

As a Chaptership Alumni, you’ll have continuous access to our Employee Success Team, as well as other resources. One of them is our vast network of the most exceptional individuals on the planet, who are all about sharing knowledge, eternal growth and future opportunities.

How serious is this?
So serious we wrote a book about it, and are teaching other companies how to try it as well:
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